Middleton Quarry Recyling

The NWH Group (NWH) is one of the UK’s leading recycling and waste management business with a mission to change its industry for the benefit of the planet. Serving the whole of Scotland and North East England from ten sites, the progressive, second-generation family business provides business waste management services and solutions to the industrial, commercial and construction industries.

NWH currently operates a materials recycling facility at the Company’s yard at Mayfield Industrial Estate, Dalkeith.  The quarry void at Middleton is currently being infilled with inert waste by NWH Waste Services.

Middleton provides a suitable alternative location for recycling operations, affording greater stand-off distances between the site and surrounding properties.  Relocation of the recycling operation would also benefit from the proximity to landfilling which would allow any inert materials, unsuitable for recycling, to be deposited within the landfill void.

Having reviewed the landfill operations at Middleton, it is considered likely that a significant quantity of secondary aggregates could be recovered from the materials previously deposited within the landfill area.  The co-location of the recycling centre and the inert waste disposal site is considered beneficial; all materials can be considered for recycling prior to landfill, and the requirement for rehandling or further transportation is minimised.

NWH is inviting comment from all interested parties, via Dalgleish Associates, for consideration in the finalisation of the planning application.

Draft documents for consultation are available on this webpage, including:

Screening and Scoping Report

Preliminary Ecological Appraisal

Tree Survey and Arboricultural Impact Assessment and Method Statement

Noise Impact Assessment


    • Figure 1 Site Location Plan
    • Figure 2 Existing Topography Plan
    • Figure 3 General Site Layout and Phasing Plan
    • Figure 4 Recycling Plant Layout Plan
    • Figure 5 Restoration Plan

Two public events are to be held at North Middleton Village Hall, on Tuesday 24th January 2023 at 7pm and Thursday 16th February at 7pm.

Following the first PAC event, the presentation slides and accompanying narrative can now be found here:

PAC Presentation

PAC Presentation Narrative