Dykeside Farm Quarry

Leiths Group has extensive resources provided by subsidiary companies including – Lawrie, Joss, Markon, Ross, and Fyfe Glenrock as well as being part of KPL joint venture, operating Kishorn Port.

Group resources include 14 quarries; 7 asphalt plants and 9 concrete plants.  Supported by around 500 employees and extensive haulage and plant fleets to create an integrated, quality assured materials and construction group, servicing the construction industry across Scotland.

Overall management of the Group Operations is based in Aberdeen. 

A Pre-Application Consultation (PAC) is being undertaken, in advance of the submission of a planning application to Moray Council.

Leiths (Scotland) Ltd, the Applicant, is inviting comment from all interested parties. Please contact the applicant via Dalgleish Associates to ensure that your comment is considered in the finalisation of the planning application.

Screening Scoping documents are available here:



Appendix 1 – Preliminary Ecological Appraisal

Appendix 2 – Historic Environment Impact Assessment 


Additional details of PAC and documents for consultation will be added to this page in due course.