Cloburn Quarry Extension 2023

Cloburn Quarry Company has earned an international reputation as Europe’s leading provider of red aggregates.

Cloburn’s red granite is globally acknowledged as having the best combination of colour, surface texture, and strength of all red aggregates.  This UK red granite has been used in sporting surfaces, driveways and as decorative stone.

This proposal is to incorporate the entire operation within a single planning boundary, and encompasses development to the west and north-west securing the longterm future of the quarry as well as providing for its restoration.


Update 26th February 2024:

We appreciate that it is now a year since the original pre-application consultations and we are now able to provide an update on the current position with regards to the proposed application.

The guidance for PAC acknowledges that a proposal may be altered between PAC and the submission of the application (that is a stated intention of the consultation guidance).  Whilst the proposed extension is notably different from that presented at the PAC, the changes resulting from the consultation reduce the aereal extent of the development and its potential effects.  South Lanarkshire Council has confirmed that there is no requirement to undertake additional PAC .  To ensure that the community is aware of the proposed changes, we now provide a brief overview of the proposals along with plans to illustrate these changes.

Two of the main issues raised were the lowering of a significant part of Westraw Hill and Cairngryffe Hill and the proximity of the proposed extension to residential properties.  To address these issues a significantly reduced extension area is now proposed.

Draft Figure 2.2 (05.12.23) now shows the application boundary (in red) and the proposed excavation (in purple), as presented at PAC, with the reduced excavation area, now proposed, shown in grey.  We have also attached the draft final phase quarry development plan for the previous consultation (Draft Figure 3.7, 28.02.23) and the final phase from the revised proposal (Draft Figure 3.7, 14.02.24).  The proposed change reduces the proposed extension area from 22.56 hectares to 9.54 hectares, around 58% reduction in area.  This has the effect of increasing the separation distance between the proposed extension and the nearest receptors by between 110m and 190m, and reducing the change to Westraw Hill, 20-25m less than previously proposed.

Provision is made for the development to deepen the quarry void, maximising the potential reserve within the reduced development area.  With most of the operations undertaken at depth, within the void, they won’t be visible; potential impacts relating to noise and/or dust will also be further reduced.

It is estimated that the overall reserve for this proposal will now be around 42 million tonnes, compared to the original proposal of 52 million tonnes.

At PAC many local residents voiced concern over the removal of the woodland and the issues this created through visual impact, increased run-off and loss of recreational access.  As noted at PAC, this was commercial plantation, and it would have been felled regardless of quarrying proposals.  The reduced quarry extension will however now allow the replanting of most of the felled area and the footpath can be reinstated close to its original route.

Concerns had also been raised over the discharge of water to the north-east into the Rae Burn, which flows past Pettinain and can be prone to flooding.  As quarrying reaches the full extent of the proposed extension, and is worked at depth, our on-going assessment has identified that there will be a requirement for an increased discharge from the site.  To address this, a second discharge is now proposed to the south-west, into the Millhill Burn.  The Millhill Burn would also receive any site run-off, post-restoration.

To address dust and air quality concerns, Frisbee Gauge monitoring and analysis has been undertaken at the site since mid-April 2023.  This measures the larger fractions of dust, referred to as ‘nuisance dust’ and has confirmed that dust levels are comfortably within accepted standards.  Monitoring for finer particulate matter (PM10 and PM2.5) was undertaken from May to December, 2023.  All monitoring results were comfortably within the Air Quality Standards objectives confirming that the quarry is not having an impact on air quality.

We trust this update is helpful.


Updated 30th May 2023:

Cloburn Quarry Company Ltd is inviting comment from all interested parties, via Dalgleish Associates, for consideration in the finalisation of the planning application.

Pre-Application Consultation Events

Two public events were held at Pettinain Hall.

The first public event was held on Monday 30th January 2023. This was a walk‐in event running from 2pm to 8pm.

Copies of all plans and reports relevant to the proposal were available for viewing and representatives from Dalgleish Associates Ltd and Cloburn Quarry Company Ltd. were available to answer questions on all aspects of the proposal.

At the first PAC event, futher details of the site phasing and production timescales were requested.  Site Phasing and Production Timescales are available here.

A flyaround video visualisation of the proposal was played during the event.  The flyaround is available here – this reflects the original design which has subsequently been updated, as discussed below.

Following the initial PAC event, and informed by further studies undertaken as part of the Environmental Impact Assessment process, a larger screening mound on the north-west boundary is proposed.  This will marginally reduce the proposed excavation area and would be subject to broadleaf planting.  The storage capacity provided by a landscaped mound to the south-west of the site is no longer required and has therefore been removed from the proposals.  It is also now proposed that the current dust storage area to the south is landscaped and planted with broadleaf trees.  These changes do not alter the phasing timescales provided.

The second public event was held on Thursday 2nd March 2023 at 7pm and included the presentation of the updated proposals and a further opportunity for public discussion with the Applicant and representatives from Dalgleish Associates Ltd.  Issues raised, and changes made to the proposal, as a result of the first public event were discussed.

A summary of discussion at the second PAC event is available here.  

Draft documentation is available for consultation:

Scoping Report 2022

Revised Plans (March 2023):

    • Figure 1.1 REV0323 General Location Plan
    • Figure 2.1 REV0323 Site Location Plan with Properties
    • Figure 2.2 REV0323 Existing Topography Plan
    • Figure 3.1 REV0323 Phase 1 Quarry Development Plan
    • Figure 3.2 REV0323 Phase 2 Quarry Development Plan
    • Figure 3.3 REV0323 Phase 3 Quarry Development Plan
    • Figure 3.4 REV0323 Phase 4 Quarry Development Plan
    • Figure 3.5 REV0323 Phase 5 Quarry Development Plan
    • Figure 3.6 REV0323 Phase 6 Quarry Development Plan
    • Figure 3.7 REV0323 Phase 7 Quarry Development Plan
    • Figure 3.8 REV0323 Restoration Plan
    • Figure 6i REV0323 ZTV Permitted Development
    • Figure 6ii REV0323 ZTV Proposed Extension
    • Figure 9.1 REV0323 Noise Sensitive locations
    • Figure 10.1 Full Windrose
    • Figure 10.2 REV0323 Dust Sensitive Locations
    • Figure 11.1 REV0323 Blast Sensitive
    • Figure RA1 Recreational Access Plan

Preliminary Blast Predictions Feb 2023

Preliminary Noise Predictions Feb 2023

Interim Ecology Report 2023

PAC Presentation 2nd March 2023

Additional Visualisations (Phases 1-3 from roadside adjacent to Treetops House, as requested at the second PAC event)

Please note that these reports and plans are provided in draft for consultation purposes only, and are subject to change prior to final submission of the planning application.

Comments* on these proposals can be made here by filling out an enquires form until 30th March 2023.

Please note that this is Pre-application Consultation (PAC) and that any comments made at this stage are directed to the Applicant and will be considered in the finalisation of the planning application.

It should be noted that comments made to the Applicant are not representations to the Planning Authority.

When the Applicant submits the application to South Lanarkshire Council there will be an opportunity for interested parties to view the finalised proposals and to make representations to the Planning Authority.

*Any comments made will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy, available here.